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Mingle from home

We’ve all gone virtual, that’s not new news. But keeping it simple? That’s the hard part. Here are six ways you can enjoy all the upside of hosting virtual events for your team, clients, and customers—without experiencing any of the hassle or assembling required.

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Chinese Tea Tasting

For those who love tea, you know how relaxing it can be. This experience takes it to another level of mindfulness and cultural context. Join our tea master on a journey through tradition, history, and flavour.

Comes with a tasting kit, custom notebook, brewing instructions, tasting notes, and a virtual session with our tea master.

Sustained Energy for your Workday

Feeling burnt out and tired is the new normal. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Discover how to sustain and balance, feel vibrant, and wake up feeling well rested. After this experience, you can say goodbye to the energy slump.

Comes with recipes and ingredients from Canadian growers, a hands on workshop with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a few surprises!  

Cocktails & BINGO!

Curate cocktails with a mixologist and learn some bingo lingo. In this kit, you’ll find all the ingredients you need to let loose and have a good laugh.

Comes with a craft cocktail experience, interactive hosted virtual bingo game, and the perfect gaming snacks.

Sour Beer Tasting

Four beers and a whole lot of snacks, it really doesn’t get better than that. If we had to sum this experience up with one word, it’d be: fun. Get this kit to enjoy a guided experience into the world of Ontario craft sour beer.

Comes with 4 sour beers, 4 glasses, flight paddle, virtual Cicerone experience, tasting card, and paired snacks. 

Cooking Class ft. Dumplings or Perogies

First it was the bread, then it was the grilled pita—food trends have taken this last year by storm. This experience brings you something completely new and delicious. Bonus: you’re guaranteed to get it right with the support of our virtual chef.
Comes with all the required ingredients, cooking instructions and a guided virtual cooking lesson.

Terrarium Building Workshop

Our workspaces are more important to us than ever. Here’s an opportunity to transform it into a relaxing, mindful, and positive environment. This experience might even inspire some creativity as you learn how to destress, connect with nature, and care for your plants.

Comes with a DIY kit inclusive of soil, plants, and a glass vessel. This workshop is lead by a botanist.  

Talk to us about ordering an experience kit for your team, your clients, and your customers.

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