Lindsay Rudyk



> I went bungy jumping in New Zealand and it was terrifying

> If I see a lobster roll on a menu I always order it – even if it’s a McLobster at McDonald’s

> Justin Trudeau was my TA when I was in undergrad at McGill

Ardith Freethy



> I have a road named after my family – Freethy Road in Nottawasaga, ON

> I cannot file my nails with a nail file – the sensation is too much!

> My biggest fear? Frogs!

Barbara Cairns

Director of Operations


> Love to cook and feed people so enjoy experimenting with old recipes and trying new ones…current favourite cookbook is Yotam Ottolenghi’s ‘Simple’.

> Fall is my absolute favourite time of year…love long walks and hearing the crunch of the leaves underfoot.

> Yoga and meditation keep me (mostly) balanced and calm but sometimes red wine may also be added to the mix.

Janet Bursey

Director of Business Administration


> My hobby is shopping – “It’s all about the hunt for those deals”

> I taught Ballroom Dancing

> I won a trip on the radio to the Royal Wedding (William & Kate)

Karen Gislason



> Favourite pastime: scrolling MLS listings

> Love starting the day with a refreshing shower & a strong coffee

> Favourite travel destination: Italy

Teri McKinnon

Account Director


> Downtown city girl turned country

> Beginner mountain biker

> Global adventurer (trekked Nepal, sailed with RCN and surfed Down Under)

Manon Dicaire

Product Development Manager


> Love yoga and pizza – especially enjoyed in that order on the same evening

> Still on my bucket list are Ephesus, Galapagos Islands and Prince Edward Island

> My guilty pleasure is buying a gossip magazine (i.e. In Touch, Hello Canada, People) at the airport for a flight and passing it along to a fellow passenger or a flight attendant before disembarking

Jodi Naftel

Product Development Manager


> Wanderlust enthusiast / adventure seeker

> Lived in Australia for a year

> Passion for live music and sports montages

Chris Attard

Product Development Manager


> My guilty pleasures are Vodka Martinis (shaken, not stirred), charcuterie boards and Netflix binge-watching. Throw pizza into the mix and I’m in heaven.

> I always seem to get asked for directions, yet I am so very directionally challenged. I can’t live without Google maps and fear any corn maze. Nevermind north or south, just tell me whether it's right or left.

> I love cooking and can make a mean eggplant parmesan and cheese manicotti.

Léah Cournoyer

Account Manager


> My first “vehicle” was a Katana Suzuki 500 motorcycle; let’s just say my mother wasn’t impressed

> I was a ski instructor in Whistler BC, Thredbo Australia and Verbier Switzerland

> I have trekked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru and successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa

Meaghan Trueland

Account Manager


> Lived in Bermuda for 7 1/2 years

> My love & obsession for dogs led me to starting my own dog sitting business

> On my bucket list is to stay at every Fairmont Hotel around the world

Jackie Dunn

Account Manager


> I was right handed as a baby but copied my older brother and became left handed

> My dream trip is an African Safari

> My guilty pleasures are practically any reality TV show and Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Stephanie Paul

Account Coordinator


> Coffee & popcorn are my weakness

> I am obsessed with Christmas

> I can’t do anything or go anywhere without my Chapstick

April Kolar

Air Transportation Manager


> Travelled to Egypt to see the Pyramids

> Loves British TV

> Guilty pleasure: shortbread cookies

Claudia Cariceo

Accounting Coordinator


> When I became a Canadian citizen, my Communiqué family came to support me

> I throw the best Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

> I love being adventurous & experiencing new things

Working with the Communiqué team is like working with an extended part of our team. Its great to work with a company that can offer more than just event planning. The team at Communiqué ensures they drive your company vision and deliver your expectations. The team is able to take an idea and transform it into a stellar experience.