Ardith Freethy

“Today’s surprises are tomorrow’s expectations.”
This is the mantra that guides Ardith each day and enables her to bring innovative communication solutions to a new height, soaring above the highest levels of expectations.

Karen Gislason
Vice President, Accounting & Administration


“Change is the only constant.” As visionary leaders, Karen believes we must think one step ahead in this ever changing environment, and if we are to advance forward, we must change and stretch beyond our comfort zone.


Trina Arjoon
Director of Operations


“Some make it happen, some watch it happen, and some say, "What happened?" Always being one step ahead is a key skill in both the workplace and in life. Making it happen is Trina’s passion and doing it consistently and successfully every time is what makes Communiqué great.


April Kolar
Air Transportation Manager


“We never listen when we are eager to speak.” In both her professional and personal life, April always tries to listen to her family, friends, colleagues and the individual clients she speaks with on a daily basis.  By over talking, we never hear what people want to say.


Jodi Naftel
Senior Account Coordinator


“Serendipity accounts for 1% of the blessings we receive in life, work & love. The other 99% is due to our efforts.” Jodi believes the effort we make shines through in our experiences making us unique, creating new opportunities to be successful.




















"All the participants commented on how well they were treated and how much they loved the venue and all the events. It could not have gone better. If you decide to get out of the event business - you could have a career as a professional recruiter because I've never worked with an organization where everyone is truly great at their jobs. I wish they all worked here."



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